Do You Know Anyone Who’s Is Thinking About Losing Weight?

I was just watching Doctor Oz and his guest was Joe Cross. You are probably wondering who is Joe Cross. Joe Cross is documentary filmmaker from Australia was decided to restore his health by trying a juice diet of fruits and vegetables for 60 days.  Joe Cross decision to tackle his health was due to him being  extremely overweight, and  also  because he was talking a lot of steriods for an autoimmune disorder that he afflicted with. This movie chronicles his journey to America create the documentary as well as engage Americans on the benefits of juicing. Please click on the link below to watch the documentary. As always please let me know what you think of the documentary.

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Guess Who’s Back?

As you have probably noticed I haven’t blogged for a while. I  have been focusing on other matters, but I have decided that it is time that I get back to blogging. To my loyal readers, please forgive me for taking the extended vacation. I have decided that I will make at least one blog post per week. As always, please feel free to post your comments.  Enjoy the docs.

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Congratulations To The American People on Your Choice to Re-elect Barack Obama

Today`s post is going to be a little different from my posts of the past.  There will no discussions about documentaries, it will simply be my take on the American election.  I will get back to the business of discussing docs in my next post.

On behalf of the world I would like to thank the American people for making for making such a smart decision.  The alternative(Mitt Romney) was very scary. Now Mr. Obama can  get down to the business of trying to fix the economy,  creating jobs, and stimulating  investment in depressed areas of the country such as Cleveland ,Ohio.  I always said that in order for Obama to win he would need the black, female and Latino votes and from what I have heard it is clear that he was able to accomplish that.  Even though it was a close election the American people have chosen reason and logic over hype, fluff, flip flops, and lies.

The Republican party in my opinion is the dinosaur party. It`s core values and audience are stuck in the past. It`s belief system is based on convincing the bottom 99% that they will some how benefit if they support the business interests of the top 1% even though these groups have very little in common and more often than not have conflicting interests.  In regards to the Republican party`s core audience it is mainly comprised of white males over the age of 60 which is one of slowest growing demographic groups in the country. America`s demographics are changing. The America of the future will be comprised of a growing Hispanic, black, and Asian population that will change the face and philosophy of the country. If the Republicans are unable to be more inclusive they will continue to lose presidential elections.  They will also need to rely on facts to win people over. Waiting on big bogus announcements from Donald Trump will not win people over. Cheers to four more years.

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Who Is The Best Choice To Be President Of The U.S. Barack Obama Or Mitt Romney?

My choice would be Obama. This man had persevered under some extremely trying times.  He has bailed out the auto industry, caught Bin Laden and also attempted to bring health care coverage for all. I actually think that he would have accomplished more in the Republicans didn’t set out to block him. I realize that people are saying that he isn’t doing more for the economy but that isn’t his fault. The economy started to fall apart during the Bush years. I am lead to believe that he is underappreciated. I think in twenty years Americans are going to look back and realize that Obama meant well and that they should have supported him more. I hoping that he is given  four more years to see what he can do.

In regards to Mitt Romney the guy is just hard to like. Romney started off as a moderate in Massachusetts  but tried to present himself as a conservative to win the Republican nomination.  This guy is one of the greatest flip floppers in history. This mindset is dangerous because he will say anything to get nominated, and you are never really sure of his position.

Checkout the link below and determine for yourself who should be president of the U.S.

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Why is Ohio So Important To Presidential Elections?

Ohio has not voted for the loser of a presidential elections since 1960. This is the reason why it is critical for the presidential candidates to campaign and win the state of Ohio. This state of 11 million may be the most powerful state in the union.   President Obama has $57 million dollars in campaign ads while Romney has spent 34 million. I found a nice little documentary on the topic. It’s called  “Swing State”. Check out the link below, let me know what you think.

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Would Republicans Try To Restrict The Black Vote?

I would tend to say yes. Take a look at the documentary “American Blackout” and draw your own conclusions. This documentary takes a look at the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004 especially as it pertains to the states of Florida and Ohio. This doc also takes a look at the story of Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia  Mckinney. Miss Mckinney took on the role of investigating these elections, but  found herself in middle of  debacle after she openly questioned the Bush administration about the 911 attacks.   As you watch this doc ask yourself if this could happen in 2012. Are there examples of voter suppression in this video? What the video and draw your own conclusions. Feel free to post your comments.

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Is A Lousy Movie Leading To Deaths In The Arab World?

I have just finished watching the trailer of the “The Innocence Of Muslims” and I must say that I can see why the director(Sam Bacile) is now is hiding. Sam Bacile should be in hiding, for creating such a stupid movie. This movie has to be one of dumbest movies in the history of mankind. I was so turned off by the horrible acting and directing that I was unable to stomach the whole movie. I was not too concerned about the content of the movie as it referred to the Prophet Muhammad. It is just hard for me to believe that this movie would cause rioting in several Arab countries as well as lead to the death of the American ambassador of Libya. The movie was released on You Tube  since July but  people started to riot in September. My gut feeling is that we are being bamboozled. I believe that there is more to the story than we are hearing. It is an election year in the U.S. isn’t it? I will provide two links for the movie. The first link is for the trailer for the movie, and the second link is the full movie. Check them out and let me know what you think.


Full Movie :

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