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Aristide’s ReturnTo Haiti

Check out this interview that was done with Jean Bertrand Aristide on Democracy Now upon his return to Haiti in March of  2011.  Aristide was deposed in 2004 by a coup which was supposed to be sponsored by the U.S.  Aristide has lived … Continue reading

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Is Gadaffi Really A Villian?

This documentary is about the rise of Muammar Gaddafi. Even though I am convinced that Mummar Gaddafi is not a saint, I don’t believe that he is the villain that the west is making him out to be. I am totally against the NATO attack … Continue reading

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Is Coke Really It?

This doc. looks at the world of Coca Cola  that is not in perfect harmony.  The film implies that Coke is involved in kidnapping, torture and even murder of union leaders who are trying to improve working conditions in Colombia, … Continue reading

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What Is The Worst Country To Be Gay?

If you are thinking that it is Canada, you would be very wrong. It is also not China, Russia, or Iran. It’s actually Uganda. This appears to be colonization repeating itself. This time it the African people being brainwashed by American … Continue reading

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The Dark Side Of Chocolate

Most people love chocolate, but do you ever wonder where the process to create chocolate begins?  Most of the worlds chocolate comes from the cocoa farms of Ivory Coast in Africa. This doc. explores the chocolate process and also tackles the issues such … Continue reading

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Detroit Meets Peru

Take a look at this video of a black  family from Detroit, that traveled to Andes mountains of Peru to spend a week with a family who are descendants of the Incas. The cultural differences are many.  Click on link below and … Continue reading

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Black In Latin America

I recently watched a great documentary on PBS called “Black in Latin America”. These documentaries were created by Henry Louis Gates the professor from Harvard. He is also the guy the involved with the Beer Summit with Barack Obama. This is a … Continue reading

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