Do You Believe In Conspiracies? Check Out: Sex, Lies, and Julian Assange

Julian Assange is the man who gave us Wiki Leaks. He also the man who gave us a lot of classified information about governments from around the world especially the U.S. When this information was initially released he was treated like a hero in his homeland of Sweden, but within weeks he was treated like a criminal.

The reason for this radical change was due to Assange being investigated for rape and molestation.  As the details emerged about his arrest it appears that the charges are questionable. Is Assange a criminal or is this a witch hunt intended to teach him a lesson for exposing the dirty secrets of  a few governments. Watch this documentary and decide for yourself.

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Exploration Guyana

This documentary is about the an exploration that took place in 2009 in my beloved homeland of Guyana.  Explorer Charles Montier and two members of the Patamona Indians set off to explore the Potaro river from the source to the mouth. This was  a journey that was not previously completed.  Take a look at this historic  and dangerous journey.

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Sudan:History of Broken Land

As you may have heard Sudan was split in two on July 9, 2011.  A new country was born called South Sudan. The largest country in Africa is no more.  Sudan has been at civil war for over twenty years. The so-called Arab north( light-skinned blacks) were always at odds with the black African south. It was a battle over religion(Muslims vs.Christians) and resources(oil) as per the conflict in Darfur. The Southern Sudanese felt the need to separate and from January 9th to January 15th there was referendum and 97%  of the Southern Sudanese voted to separate.  I wonder if this vote would have taken place if  deputy president  John Garang were alive.

Click on the link below to view this doc. and also to find who John Garang was. Feel free to let me know what you think.

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Former First Lady of Haiti Speaks

Take a listen to this interview from the former first lady of Haiti Mildred Aristide on her return to Haiti. Even though this interview was done in March 2011, I am sure that you will find it very interesting.  The first lady talks about the lives of herself and her husband’s Jean- Bertand Aristide in exile in South Africa, why the choose to return to Haiti , and what she thinks the future holds for them in Haiti.  Just click on the link below to listen to the interview.


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Aristide’s ReturnTo Haiti

Check out this interview that was done with Jean Bertrand Aristide on Democracy Now upon his return to Haiti in March of  2011.  Aristide was deposed in 2004 by a coup which was supposed to be sponsored by the U.S.  Aristide has lived in South Africa  for seven years but has wanted to return to Haiti since the earthquake of 2010.   Aristide was determined to return even though it was not encouraged by the U.S. Aristide is still very popular with the people of Haiti and should be allowed to return to the place of his .

This video is only twenty-three minutes long.Take a listen, and tell me what you think.

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Is Gadaffi Really A Villian?

This documentary is about the rise of Muammar Gaddafi. Even though I am convinced that Mummar Gaddafi is not a saint, I don’t believe that he is the villain that the west is making him out to be. I am totally against the NATO attack of Libya. I have never believed that the leaders of one country have the right to tell the leader of another country that he should leave. That just doesn’t make sense. Especially in this case. NATO would have us believe that this bombardment is about human rights. They could care less about the citizens of Libya. It is really about oil rights. If NATO really concerned about human rights then they should go to North Korea, or Syria, or Bahrain.  There was also  belief that Gaddafi was about to create genocide, but this is an illogical argument. The protesters in Libya protested with guns, the ones in Egypt and Tunisia were peaceful.  These are not protesters they are rebels. If you protested in Washington D.C. with guns I am certain that you would be shot at.

The film is about ninety four minutes long. Take a look and let me know what you think.

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Is Coke Really It?

This doc. looks at the world of Coca Cola  that is not in perfect harmony.  The film implies that Coke is involved in kidnapping, torture and even murder of union leaders who are trying to improve working conditions in Colombia, Guatemala. There  have also being issues with control of the water supply in India. Maybe that is why we are not encouraged  to drink the water in most countries, but you can always find a Coke.

In response to this documentary Coke has denied these allegations but there appears to be something going on here. Take  a look and judge for yourself. This video is in 9 parts each about 10 minutes long. Click on the link below to watch the doc. and let me know what you think.


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