Who Is The Best Choice To Be President Of The U.S. Barack Obama Or Mitt Romney?

My choice would be Obama. This man had persevered under some extremely trying times.  He has bailed out the auto industry, caught Bin Laden and also attempted to bring health care coverage for all. I actually think that he would have accomplished more in the Republicans didn’t set out to block him. I realize that people are saying that he isn’t doing more for the economy but that isn’t his fault. The economy started to fall apart during the Bush years. I am lead to believe that he is underappreciated. I think in twenty years Americans are going to look back and realize that Obama meant well and that they should have supported him more. I hoping that he is given  four more years to see what he can do.

In regards to Mitt Romney the guy is just hard to like. Romney started off as a moderate in Massachusetts  but tried to present himself as a conservative to win the Republican nomination.  This guy is one of the greatest flip floppers in history. This mindset is dangerous because he will say anything to get nominated, and you are never really sure of his position.

Checkout the link below and determine for yourself who should be president of the U.S.


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