Is Gadaffi Really A Villian?

This documentary is about the rise of Muammar Gaddafi. Even though I am convinced that Mummar Gaddafi is not a saint, I don’t believe that he is the villain that the west is making him out to be. I am totally against the NATO attack of Libya. I have never believed that the leaders of one country have the right to tell the leader of another country that he should leave. That just doesn’t make sense. Especially in this case. NATO would have us believe that this bombardment is about human rights. They could care less about the citizens of Libya. It is really about oil rights. If NATO really concerned about human rights then they should go to North Korea, or Syria, or Bahrain.  There was also  belief that Gaddafi was about to create genocide, but this is an illogical argument. The protesters in Libya protested with guns, the ones in Egypt and Tunisia were peaceful.  These are not protesters they are rebels. If you protested in Washington D.C. with guns I am certain that you would be shot at.

The film is about ninety four minutes long. Take a look and let me know what you think.

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