What Is The Worst Country To Be Gay?

If you are thinking that it is Canada, you would be very wrong. It is also not China, Russia, or Iran. It’s actually Uganda. This appears to be colonization repeating itself. This time it the African people being brainwashed by American evangelists.  In Uganda they were actually thinking of proposing a law that would imprison people for life who have been found guilty of practicing homosexuality, and serial offenders could be given the death penalty.  Is it me or does this appear to be a bad P.R move?

Uganda is a country that has very serious issues such as high unemployment and poverty. Why not focus on job creation and business development, and poverty reduction.  The good thing since Uganda is a  country that relies on donations from other countries they lack the resources  required to accomplish this backward goal.

As a straight black male I am always been baffled by the religious black community’s relentless bashing of gays.  I thought that we are all god’s children.  This issue is nothing more than a pointless distraction to our community. We have a lot more issues that are of greater concern.

Click on the link below to watch this doc.



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